VMworld 2015: VMware released VAIO

#VMworld 2015: #VMware released VAIO

VMworld 2015: VMware released VAIO

At VMworld in San Francisco, VMware released vSphere APIs for IO filtering or VAIO (No relation with a certain laptop series). With VAIO, VMware offers a framework to develop filters that run in ESXi and can intercept any IO requests from a guest operating system to a virtual disk. An IO will not be issued or committed to disk without being processed by IO Filters created by 3rd parties.How does it work IO requests moving between the guest operating system (Initiator), located in the Virtual Machine Monitor(VMM), and a virtual disk (Consumer) are filtered through a series of two IO Filters (per disk), one filter per filter class, invoked in filter class order. For example, a replication filter executes before a cache filter. Once the IO…Read More

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