Stage VIII: Two different datacenter

I completed Stage VII: Physical Expansion and my next step was the separation of my components into two datacenters at home…..

All my HomeLab environment except the Desaster Recovery Storage are placed into one room at the basement of my house.

That is a single point of failure….. I need to address that issue.

I got another Apple Mac Mini Server with the same specification like my other two systems. I installed another Sonnet Thunderbolt Expansion, too. I placed this third ESXi host into my second datacenter, where my desaster recovery storage reside. I decided to place my vCenter Server there as well. This second datacenter is connected to the house Ventilation System, like my first datacenter. Very useful.

My first datacenter holds the following components:

1 x 42HE Rack

2 x Apple Mac Mini Server

2 x Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion

1 x Nexentastor FibreChannel Storage

1 x Brocade SAN Switch

1x Cisco 1GbE + 10GbE Switch

1 x KVM Switch

1 x Display

1 x Keyboard+ Mouse Console

1 x APC UPS RS1200 LCD

2 x IBM x336 Server

2 x IBM x3550 Server

1 x IBM Storage 14 x 73GB HDD


The second datacenter holds the following components:

1 x Apple Mac Mini Server

1 x Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion

1 x Intel NUC vCenter Server

1 x Synology DS411slim


Datacenter I has an APC UPS, but datacenter II not. I need to change it….

Once again, I found a cheap APC on ebay:

APC-ES 700

Output Power Capacity

420 Watts/ 700 VA
LED status display with On Line : On Battery : Replace Battery and Overload indicators


I connected the new APC ES-700 to the Synology DS411slim. Runtime: 8 Minutes. Should be enough to handle small power outtakes…..

This was the configuration of Stage VIII


Additional FibreChannel Storage:

I received a used FibreChannel storage box from a friend and installed it in datacenter I. It is an Array called Eurostor ES-6100F. Here are the specifications:

ES-6100 FC 2Gbit FC Raid

3 HE

16 x 500 GB 3,5″ SATA HDDs

Single Controller

Raid6 with HotSpares


This was my HomeLab environment for several months, but I had already new projects in mind….

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