HomeLab Stage LIX: Travel Preparation

In the last episode of my journey, HomeLab Stage LVIII: Silent Datacenter I reduced the noise within my second datacenter to nearly zero. This time it is time to prepare once again for onsite customer workshops….

I would have never expected to work nearly 2 years remote from my HomeOffice. It is working great, but now more and more customers asking for real person workshops. I am preparing my stuff for travel after Covid 19 vaccination including booster….

Depending on the workshop I am using two technical luggages:

LowePro Pro Tactic BP 450AW II

This thing is a beast: I am able to place all my stuff inside and it is very comfortable, even when walking long distances. Some custom patches are required 😇

Tumi Expandable Small Screen Brief

My „normal“ carry bag is the Tumi Expandable Small Screen Brief. It is perfect for my daily stuff and it fits very well to my luggage trolley.

I don’t like to check-in my luggage when flying, so I decided several years ago to invest into one of the best hand luggages for clothing’s:

Rimowa IATA Alu Stealth Black

I love the quality of the Rimowa products, I own several of them. My favorite is this one. It is allowed on all airplanes, has enough room for your stuff even for longer trips and I love the stealth look 😎

I have Apple Airtags attached two all of my bags. This gives a nice security feeling and I like the „You have left something“ message within iOS…

Apple AirTag with 3D printed holder
Apple AirTag with Belkin Holder

I am using the Belkin Airtag holder on the Tumi, no holder for the LowePro (placed in side pocket) and 3d printed holder attached to the Rimowa trolley.

Audio devices (for calls and entertainment)

Space is limited when traveling, so for quick calls I am using my Apple Airpod Pro. These are OK, the noise canceling feature is nice but for longer video calls or entertainment they are not perfect.

Custom Apple AirPods Pro

I decided to invest a little bit more and got the Apple AirPod Max for longer sessions and traveling via train / plane. They are absolutely amazing! One of my best headphone ever. 🤩

Space grey Apple AirPods Max

My iPad experiment….

I have been using Apple MacBooks (Pro) since several years when traveling and working at customer locations. Why not try something different?

When the new Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with the M1 got released, my initial thoughts are: Why not use this machine, and only this machine when traveling?

My choice: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 M1, 16GB RAM with 1TB NVMe and 5G option

My only concerns are about the keyboard….

After searching for a solution, I found the Brydge 12.9 Max+ device:

This keyboard is connected via bluetooth to the iPad, which is not a problem compared to the Smart Connector of the Apple Smart Keyboard. I am able to use my „notebook“ at every situation (customer locations, trains and planes). I really love the Pencil option when performing design scenarios or whiteboard sessions.

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