Stage XXIV: Infrastructure Upgrades

After implementing my new Backup and Disaster Recovery option Stage XXIII: Cohesity it was time to upgrade the HomeLab Infrastructure again….


I was able to get two IBM Enterprise Manageable PDUs. These are real beasts….

Officially these PDUs are operating with 32A on a single phase, I modified them to work on a normal german 16A fuse. I installed both of them at my main datacenter at home. I use another solution for my smaller backup datacenter, also at home.




I used one of them for my Line Power and one attached to my APC UPS from Stage X: HomeLab Expansion




You can monitor and control each single C13 socket of these PDUs. Really awesome!!

Each PDU has its own network interface and a small LCD display to monitor it directly.




You can monitor your whole power consumption with these PDUs and control each output C13 socket individually.








For my second datacenter at home I use the NetPWR-Home Solution from Anel. These network based power options have 3 controllable power sockets and one always enabled power socket.






I really love it to control each single system at my HomeLab with a single click. Great for customer Demos while traveling…..

Internet Connection:

The next infrastructure part which I upgraded was my Internet connection. I had VDSL 25 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload. I wanted it much more faster…… and static public IPs.

I got the option for free to connect my house to the Unitymedia cable network. Thanks again for the connection @Unitymedia

Now I have 450Mbps Download and 20 Mbps Upload connectivity including 5 x Public IPs…..

Internet_Connection (1)



Now I have the ability to make several workloads available via its own public IP. AWESOME!!!!

I used the Fritzbox 6490 from Unitymedia only as a cable modem, connected a Fritzbox 7580 to it for normal traffic and a virtual Sophos UTM appliance for virtual workloads.

You can find the next episode of my HomeLab journey here: Stage XXV: New Nvidia GPUs