Stage XXVIII: Workstation 5K

After upgrading my non-datacenter network in Stage XXVII: Ubiquiti Network Upgrade I thought it was time to upgrade my workstation inside my office…..

I got the following configuration running as my workstation:

Apple Mac Pro 2013





It is a pretty nice workstation, configured with a Promise SanLink2 10GbE adapter. I use both SFP+ ports and I have configured LACP on it.

I have also a Promise SanLink Thunderbolt to FC adapter, but I did not use it very often (I replaced my IBM FC Storage and Brocade SAN Switch with my three vSAN clusters)

You can read the full story here: Stage XV: TimeMachine Backups using FibreChannel

The two Samsung Curved 34” displays are nice, but I did not like their resolution…..

I decided to invest in a third display, but this time with 5K resolution!

I was able to get one Dell UP2715K 27” display….

The new display must be attached using 2 x Display Port – Mini Display Port cable to reach 5K resolution.

My Mac Pro has the following connection options:


Thunderbolt Bus1 is used by:

Port 1 Dell UP2715K Display Port1

Port 3 Promise 10GbE SFP+ adapter

Thunderbolt Bus2 is used by:

Port 2 Dell UP2715K Display Port2

Port 4 Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt SSD

Thunderbolt Bus0 is used by:

Port5 Samsung S34E790C Left

Port6 Samsung S34E790C Right

I wanted to perfectly align all 3 displays, so I ordered 2 monitor arms, one single and one double….

All displays are VESA compatible.

The new 27” 5K display will be my main display in the middle and the two 34” curved displays will be placed left and right. I will use them for WhatsApp, Tweetbot, Things, Evernote and Forklift.


5120 x 2880 configured inside Mac OS as: 2560 x 1440

It is really awesome….



Update October 2018:

I was able to get another Dell 27″ 5K Display…. I decided to replace both 34″ Curved Displays and work only on the 5Ks….

I love my workstation!


After this update, it was time to invest in my Datacenter equipment again.

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