Stage XIV: APC Integration

After completing my Stage XIII: PernixData FVP implementation at home, I decided to play a little bit more with my APC UPS….




I replaced my Raspberry Pi USB monitoring of my APC with an APC Network Monitoring Card. AP9617






I configured the monitoring card and integrated it into my HomeLab network. My plan was to integrate it into my vSphere environment. I found a solution for it: The APC virtual appliance…..

I downloaded the appliance and deployed it into my HomeLab:



After the deployment, I checked the configuration web page on port :5480




After finishing the deployment you need to configure the appliance to integrate it into vSphere.

The configuration is done via web on port :6547


After the successfull configuration, you should see the PowerChute Icon in the vSphere Client. There is no WebClient Integration available, yet.






Now you can Monitor and configure shutdown and start-up within the plugin. Very nice. You can also access the APC monitoring network card.

This completes this story. The next Stage is already planned. So stay tuned….

Here is the next story: Stage XV: Apple Mac OS TimeMachine Backups using FibreChannel…..