HomeLab Stage LXIII: New UPS Setup

In the last episode I have written about my new NAS System HomeLab Stage LXII: New Power NAS. This time I am writing about my power renew project….

As you guys know, I am running 3 different datacenter around my house. The are configured and designed for 24/7 runtime. But what about power loss?

My main datacenter (I) and my backup datacenter (II) are both equipped with UPS systems. They are pretty old and one of them require a new battery set. The newly created datacenter (III) did not have a UPS system…..

Why not invest into the newest UPS generation?

I was looking for a solution that is able to power my equipment for minimum of 25 minutes….

For the main datacenter I need rackmount UPS systems, for both other DC´s tower based models are OK. I am pretty happy with my existing Schneider Electric (APC) over the last years. What are there newest editions?

Let´s start with the tower models for datacenter II and III:

APC Smart-UPS 1000 VA, LCD, 230 V, mit SmartConnect
APC SmartUPS (SMC1000IC)
A lot of C13 outlets, as well as local connections available

But why these models?

This model is able to power 250W for over 27 minutes, that should be enough for my scenario. The german power connections are very strong and reliable… 🙂

Dedicated Rackmount UPS for datacenter I:

The smaller one for the network rack within datacenter I (SMC1000I-2UC)

This model is able to deliver 200W for 34 minutes.

Only 4 x C13, I will connect a small PDU to it
The bigger one for the server rack inside datacenter I (SMT3000RMI2UC)

The big boy is able to serve 700W with an estimated runtime of 26 minutes, should be absolute enough…

1 x C19 output and 8 x C13, perfect combination for my requirements, direct connection as well as PDU

APC Smart Connect

APC´s newest models include SmartConnect, a cloud based UPS monitoring solution. That sounds nice and was one reason for me:

After the initial setup of all UPS systems within my enviroment I scanned the QR code and added them to my SmartConnect Dashboard:

Central view within the SaaS solution

Within the SmartConnect monitoring system I am able to view the details for all UPS systems:

Read Only view from the cloud is default

I cannot perform any operation on my UPS´s due to the default read only value. To change that, a pyhsical access to each UPS is required:

No remote action is possible….
Connected Smart-UPS mit APC SmartConnect
SmartConnect Full Access must be configured locally

I connected my new Power NAS via USB to the new UPS:

NAS shutdown when UPS battery is low
Device info including estimated runtime

I really like the cloud based monitoring solution with email alerting, as well as the local connection options. What´s missing now from a power perspective? YES, a diesel based emergency generator…..

I have two small ones, but they are not able to power the entire house with all 3 datacenter……

Inverter emergency generator (petrol based)

Maybe I am investing in one of those toys……

Refurbished generator from the german army

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