HomeLab Stage LVII: Workstation Upgrade 8K

During the pandemic, everyone got time… What could I improve within my workstation? My upgraded office setup was described in the last post HomeLab Stage LVI HomeOffice.

Existing Dual 5K setup

I am using my Dual Dell UP2715K since years and I still like the 5K resolution on the 27“ displays.

Dell UP2715K works fine on Mac and Windows

Each monitor has dual display port connections to serve the 5120×2880 resolution. In the past, this setup was attached to my Apple Mac Pro 2013 via DisplayPort to Mini-DisplayPort cables. MacOS runs fine with this configuration, but after replacing my Mac Pro with a custom build PC workstation, it was time to invest into the future…..

Monster Workstation with enough GPU power

My new workstation is equipped with Dual Nvidia RTX8000 GPUs, each GPU has 4 DisplayPorts and 1 USB-C port. These GPU monsters are capable of more than 5K resolution…. So I was looking for a 5K replacement.

Custom Monster workstation with Intel 10 Core 3.7GHz, 256GB RAM, Dual Nvidia RTX8000, 40GbE network and Raid0 NVMe SSDs

After searching for a replacement I found the UP3218K from Dell. The 32” display with an 8K resolution. I really wanted that beauty… but not one, I ordered two of them!

Comparing the different resolutions. 8K is massive!
Christmas comes early this year…..

Each monitor needs dual DisplayPort 1.4 cable connection to support the stunning 7680×4320 resolution. With my dual Nvidia RTX8000, no problem. I connected both displays to the same GPU to utilize the NVlink connection.

The NVlink bridge supports 100GB/s and gives me 96GB of GPU memory

Overall 8K configuration

Windows DPI settings 300% default

Absolutely stunning resolution of 7680 x 4320 *2

Nearly all apps are working fine

Old RDP connection have problems with the resolution, RoyalTS has Zoom-In feature

Even gaming is possible

Call of Duty Warzone runs fine with all settings on Ultra

Call of Duty Warzone gaming in 8K
I love the huge screen and the stunning resolution

I can say: I really love my setup!

My workstation setup

Stay tuned for the next episodes. I have done so many changes to my HomeLab……

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