HomeLab Stage LXI: New Datacenter 3

In the last episode of my HomeLab journey, I have written about my HomeLab Stage LX: New Network.

My first and second datacenter are placed inside the basement of my house, the third datacenter is my old garage. This garage is pretty old and is going to be replaced with a bigger, wider and higher one 😏

The demolition of the existing garage, which was brick based took some time and power. The new one should be placed at the same spot. I had to create new concrete / steel foundation and build an entire new garage based on bricks and wood.

Old (datacenter 3) garage
Roof already removed (reinforced concrete)
It is nearly gone…..
Reinforced concrete foundation
Much more space available with doors at both ends….

After the hard work, comes the fun part. Entire new electric cabling including 400 Volt subdistribution.

Data cabling from datacenter 1 to the new datacenter 3 including 8 x copper RJ-45 CAT7 and 2 x LWL for 10GbE….

Interieur is done, enough space for datacenter 3 + hobby space

New garage with plenty of room for my other hobby: working on my BMW´s…..

Workshop area (Floor needs to be finished)
BMW engine value….

New setup: Ubiquiti Switch Pro 24-PoE, Ubiquiti Wifi AC Pro, Diagnose Laptops (32“ 4K Display), Raspberry Pi ESXi Fling Cluster, Lenovo P50 ESXi and dedicated UPS (more on that at a later episode).

The network switch was replaced with the new USW-24 PoE with 2 x 10GbE SFP+ connection.

Datacenter 3 and Hobby space = Perfect combination

This third datacenter will be used as a witness location and for small clusters.

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