HomeLab Stage XL: Asset Management

It was time to think about Assett Managment inside my enironment. It worked in the past to utilize Excel sheets for inventory management. But after completing HomeLab Stage XXXIX: Cohesity Cluster I spend time with this topic:

I was looking for a nice web based solution to maintain and track all of my HomeLab equipment. I wanted a solution, that is hosted inside my environment. Where to start with?

I found an open source based solution: Snipe-IT

Their solution has everything I need for my HomeLab
Self-Hosted Option is free

I downloaded the OVA and deployed the VM inside my main datacenter:

Just normal resource requirements

That was the easy part: Now the hard one: Adding all my stuff inside the system……. It took several days to check all systems (serial numbers, tags, warranty infos, licenses and components)

All the hard work is done: Everything and I really mean everything inside my HomeLab is now inside the Snipe-IT VM Database…..

Admin Overview Dashboard

I added hardware, software licenses and consumables like the toner for my printer:

How many toner cartridges are left?

You can now easily find and track every single hardware of your setup. For example here the asset list for my Ubiquiti switches:

Asset list with details

I did an inventory of all my different components like every single memory module:

How many components from what type are avaiable and free?

You can map the different components to your assets. For example what is attached or built into what system:

My MacPro from 2013 with all the components (Warranty infos, serial number etc can be found on the Details Tab)
What is built into my ESXi hosts? You can now find the answer within seconds

That was exactly the solution I was looking for. The inventory for all your HomeLab stuff. You can add people to it and map assets and components to them. You have borrowed something to a friend? No problem, track it within your own system. Of course, that system is also backed-up with my Cohesity Cluster…… 🙂

Stay tuned for the next episode of my HomeLab journey. There are many more to come……

HomeLab Stage XLI Network Performance