Using IO Analyzer

How to use the VMware IO Analyzer?

You must use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome… Use the IP Address or FQDN to Access the IO Analyzer:

First you Need to create a Workload Configuration

Enter the hostname and root Password of your ESXi host, where the IO Analyzer appliance is running.

Add a Workload Entry. Choose the IO Analyzer VM from the list, choose a test profile and click Add.

Enter a Config Name on the Workload Configuration page. You can also specify the Test Duration.

The next step is to click on Run Now and switch over to the Test Scheduler page.

You can see the Status of your Performance Test.

The IO meter inside the appliance is preparing

When the Status is Running you can check what´s Happening inside the VM:

Now you can watch the results on the Test Results page.

You can see the IOPS Sum, IOPS Read, IOPS Write, MBps Sum, MBps Read and MBps Write. When you click on ESXTOP Disk Statistics (Adapter View) you find more details…

You find Information about the CMD/s, Reads/s, Writes/s, MBps Read, MBps Write, the device latency, the vmkernel latency and the Guest OS latency.

You can also find details about your different adapters

The ESXTOP Disk Statistics (Device View) gives you Information about your different LUNs and NFS Mount Points.

The ESXTOP CPU Util Statistics gives you information about your CPU load at the performance test.

I have published my VMware IO Analyzer Test Results here.