Stage XIX: Backup and DR

After completing the last HomeLab / HomeDC Change: Stage XVIII: VSAN and VVOLs it was time to review my Backup and Desaster Recovery Methods.

I used VMware vDP for Desaster Recovery, I had no active Backup strategy….

But I wanted more than a Desaster Recovery Solution. I wanted to be able to offload my Backups to a third location…..

I searched for a cheap LTO Tape solution. I found a HP LTO2 Tape Drive….


It is a HP LTO2 19″ Rack solution.

I used a LSI SAS Controller to operate with the tape drive.

It is connected via an external SAS cable.

I configured the SAS Controller for PCI Pass Through into a Windows 2012 VM.

I installed Symantec Backup Exec 15 inside that Windows VM and the Tape Drive was recognized correctly.

I deployed the Symantec Backup Exec Agents onto my Windows VMs and configured a Backup Job to use the Tape Drive.

It works very well, but you know, I wanted more flexibility…….

I found a cheap LTO4 Autoloader at eBay and changed it with my LTO2 Tape Drive. It has the same SAS connection.

188_StoreageLoader LTO-4 Right187_StorageLoader LTO-4 Left

Now I have 8 LTO4 tapes within my Autoloader…..

I also configured a 900GB Disk Pool within Backup Exec to make backups faster. These Backup Disk Pool is stored on a SanDisk FusionIO 1,2TB ioDrive 2 card. Performance and reliability is the key…..


I have already implemented several other HomeLab enhancements, I only need to document them here……

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