VMworld 2015: VMware introduces EVO SDDC

#VMworld 2015: VMware introduces EVO SDDC

VMworld 2015: VMware introduces EVO SDDC

VMware expanded its software-defined data center strategy with the introduction of its EVO SDDC software stack for managing storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources as a single system. EVO SDDC, previously known as EVO:RACK, can be used by OEMs to build integrated enterprise software-defined data center and cloud solutions that scale from one-third of a server rack to thousands of nodes. EVO SDDC was developed as a way to bring flexibility to data center infrastructures that traditionally have been built on rigid hardware configurations. The goal of EVO SDDC is to dramatically simplify the time and effort it takes to organisations to architect, procure, deploy and manage the software and hardware infrastructure of an…Read More

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