Extreme Performance Series 2023 – Oracle…

Extreme Performance Series 2023 – Oracle Performance with vVols and Guest OS IO Improvements

Extreme Performance Series 2023 – Oracle…

Mark Achtemichuk talks Sudhir Balasubramanian about Oracle performance when using vVols and how some improvements in Guest OS to storage subsystem result in IO improvements. Links to additional resources – Oracle on vSphere One Stop Shop – Links to All Things Oracle and vSphere – https://blogs.vmware.com/apps/2017/01/oracle-vmware-collateral-one-stop-shop.html VMware Explore 2023 – https://www.vmware.com/explore/us.html Extreme Performance Series 2023 – https://blogs.vmware.com/performance/2023/08/extreme-performance-video-blog-series-2023.html

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