How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For…

How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era

How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For…

The next era of virtualization is upon us. VMware is leading the way, working with industry partners to reimagine enterprise computing to support the needs of next-generation applications. VMware’s industry-leading vSphere compute platform, which powers VMware’s multi-cloud solutions, is evolving to unleash the advances in silicon-based accelerators, high speed interconnects, and cloud-scale architectures. In this session, VMware thought leaders will discuss some of the leading-edge vSphere innovations. Don’t miss this sneak peek on what’s on the horizon for AI/ML, Kubernetes, Project Monterey (DPU acceleration) and software defined memory across DRAM, PMEM, and NVMe.

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