FLING: Linux Driver for Precision Clock Virtual…

FLING: Linux Driver for Precision Clock Virtual Device

FLING: Linux Driver for Precision Clock Virtual…

This is an Open Source fling. https://www.vmware.com/opensource.htmlSummaryRequirementsInstructionsChangelogCommentsBugs ptp_vmw is a Linux driver for VMware Precision Clock, a new type of virtual device available in ESXi 7.0 (hardware version 17 on-wards) that provides virtual machines with access to the underlying ESXi host’s system clock. Guests can use the device as a reference clock in Chrony time synchronization software to synchronize their system clocks with. Precision Clock offers an alternative to existing methods of time synchronization in the guest, such as NTP. A potential benefit of using Precision Clock, when compared to a network time synchronization, is that it uses a VMware proprietary paravirtual interface between a…Read More

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