HomeLab Episode: Stage XXXVI: NVIDIA GPUs…

HomeLab Episode: Stage XXXVI: NVIDIA GPUs Everywhere

HomeLab Episode: Stage XXXVI: NVIDIA GPUs…

In the last episode I have written about Stage XXXV: vSAN Expanding After working and playing some time with the Nvidia GPUs inside my environment it is time to expand….. Here a quick drawing from one of my Horizon Trainings… Read More Stage XXXVI: Nvidia GPUs Everywhere

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  1. Did you have to enable SR-IOV in system BIOS when you upgraded from P4 GPUs to T4 GPUs? The NVIDIA release notes indicate that enabling SR-IOV in the system BIOS is required for T4 GPUs but I find this suspect since NVIDIA famously “invented their own GPU sharing technology” (instead of using SR-IOV)…

    HPE has an advisory out for certain gen10 servers which shipped with T4 cards containing an NVIDIA vBIOS which had SR-IOV disabled, and the recommended fix is to downgrade the vBIOS. My interpretation of this is that SR-IOV would only be necessary at the system level if it were enabled at the GPU level, but what’s entirely unclear is whether SR-IOV can actually be disabled on the GPU outside of vBIOS flashing–for example whether it’s possible to disable via nvidia-smi.

    I’d love to be able to use the T4 on my HP z620 Homelab (2 x 10-core E5 Xeon v2 CPUs & 256GB RAM), but SR-IOV would be a dealbreaker since HP only enabled it on servers and not workstations.

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