TAM Lab 017 – ESXi on ARM (Raspberry Pi) &…

TAM Lab 017 – ESXi on ARM (Raspberry Pi) & Changing a vSAN Witness Host

TAM Lab 017 – ESXi on ARM (Raspberry Pi) &…

Steve Tilkens (@stevetilkens) provided a demo of ESXi running on a Raspberry Pi and how to change the Witness Host in a two-node vSAN cluster. Additional Resources: ESXi on a Raspberry Pi – https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2018/11/esxi-on-a-raspberry-pi.html vSpeaking Podcast Episode 102: ESXi on ARM – https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2019/01/18/vspeaking-podcast-episode-102-esxi-on-arm/ VMware demos hypervisor running on a network card –…Read More

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