VMware Launches HCI Master Specialist Exam &…

HCI is a hot topic. Want to distinguish yourself as a specialist? Check this! => HCI Master Specialist Exam & Badge @vmwarevsan

VMware Launches HCI Master Specialist Exam &…

Market leadership and strong customer demand of VMware HCI vSAN solutions provide our partner community with excellent business opportunities for deployment, SDDC transformation, and related HCI value-add services. We rely on the skills and capabilities of our partners to help guide and deliver on our vision to customers. Today we’re proud to deliver another

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  1. Hello there!
            I am about to take the exam “HCI Master Specialist”, but I don’t have a lot of confidence to pass the exam. It’s not that I don’t have the technical ability, because my English is not good. My mother tongue is Chinese, not English.
             I have 10 years of VMWARE work experience, implemented many projects such as VSPHERE, VSAN, NSX, etc.I have a lot of practical work experience, but my English is not good, I am not sure to pass the exam.
             You have passed the exam, do you have any experience to share? Do you have any learning materials to share? Okay?

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