Add the Modern Apps Keynote to your VMworld…

Add the Modern Apps Keynote to your VMworld 2019 Europe Schedule

Add the Modern Apps Keynote to your VMworld…

VMware Tanzu has been introduced to transform the way enterprises build, run and manage applications on Kubernetes. This session will focus on making best use of Kubernetes to address the needs of BOTH operators and developers. We will explore the elements of a modern software supply chain—digging into both Bitnami and Pivotal. Then we’ll define the impact of Project Pacific, our effort to embed Kubernetes in vSphere to give operators a platform to manage applications and developers self-service access to resources. Finally, we’ll provide an early look at VMware Tanzu Mission Control to manage all your Kubernetes clusters across environments with complete consistency. This keynote is led by the creators of Kubernetes, punctuated by…Read More

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