Technical 301 (DEMO) – VCSA 6.5 – Part 1…

Technical 301 (DEMO) – VCSA 6.5 – Part 1 (Deploying)

Technical 301 (DEMO) – VCSA 6.5 – Part 1…

In this demo, I show you how I deployed the new vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 6.5. I show you how to get started after you download the ISO file and all the way through successfully having the VCSA 6.5 deployed and running. Be sure to watch the next enablement video (Technical 301 – VCSA 6 5 – Part 2 (Configuration, Backup, & Restore). In this session, I show you configuring the appliance itself, then performing a backup and restore using the new Backup/Restore function directly from the…Read More

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