Multi-site with Cross-VC NSX and Palo Alto…

“Multi-site with Cross-VC NSX and Palo Alto Networks Security” via

Multi-site with Cross-VC NSX and Palo Alto…

In a prior post, Multi-site with Cross-VC NSX: Consistent Security and Micro-segmentation Across Sites, we discussed how Cross-VC NSX provides micro-segmentation and consistent security across multiple sites. We looked at five reasons to seriously consider Cross-VC NSX for a multi-site solution in terms of security alone: centralized management, consistent security across vCenter domains/sites, security policies follow the workload(s), ease of security automation across vCenter domains/sites, and enhanced disaster recovery use case. In this post, we’ll discuss how advanced third party security services can also be leveraged in a Cross-VC NSX environment.

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