Part 2 : VMware vSphere Advanced Concepts

Part 2 : VMware vSphere Advanced Concepts via VirtualGyaan

Part 2 : VMware vSphere Advanced Concepts

It has been quite a while since I wrote as I was busy working on few projects, So lets continue to discuss advanced features in vSphere and also Upgrading scenarios , Monitoring and Troubleshooting vSphere using both GUI and command line interface. Firstly lets discuss some advanced features : VMware High Availability This is an advanced cluster level operation which quickly brings back the mission critical business applications in the event of an ESXi Host failure. VMHA works on the concept of Master/Slave that is all clustered Hosts are contested in polling and a Master Host is elected VMHA installs an agent called Fault Domain Manager (FDMS) in every clustered Host that talks to vpxd (vCSA mgmt agent) FDMS is responsible for…Read More

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