VMworld 2016 – Coming soon

VMworld 2016 – Coming soon (via Tim’s Tech Thoughts)

VMworld 2016 – Coming soon

It’s that time of year again – time to get excited about heading to VMworld 2016! VMworld is the premier virtualization conference in the world, debuting VMware’s products, vision, ecosystem partners, and community all in one place. The event lasts 5 days, and could certainly fill more.VMworld has been in San Francisco for the last handful of years at the Moscone Center, but this year, it’s back in Las Vegas. This will be my first time to VMworld at Las Vegas, as VMware had an agreement to be in the Moscone Center for some years. I’m excited to say the least! While the San Fran venue provided plenty of space, hotels were quite expensive in the area. In Las Vegas, however, hotels are much, much cheaper! The event will be at the Mandalay…Read More

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