VMware TAMs Managing SLAs to Ensure Customer…

VMware TAMs Managing SLAs to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

VMware TAMs Managing SLAs to Ensure Customer…

One of the major hurdles that we come across as VMware Technical Account Managers (TAMs) is dealing with support requests that are urgent from our customers’ perspectives. We always consider our TAM customers to be the most important. As an organization, however, and as part of VMware Support, we do have service level agreements (SLAs) in place, and it’s vital that everyone understands them. This post examines why SLAs are important and how they help to provide customers with the best possible support outcomes. We have SLAs for all of our support offerings, including Production Support, Mission Critical Support, and Business Critical Support. SLAs are there to protect VMware customers and VMware. An extremely important part of our work…Read More

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