Get in the NVMe SSD game (if you are not…

Get in the NVMe SSD game (if you are not already) with Intel 750 among others

Get in the NVMe SSD game (if you are not…

If you are or have talked the Non Volatile Memory (NVM) and NVM Express (NVMe) flash SSD talk, however have not yet done the walk, there are some good opportunities to do so. One example how to start walking the talk is get something like the Intel 750 400GB NVMe PCIe Add in Card (AiC) which you should be able to find on different venues including Amazon for $400 USD or less (recently saw the 400GB version for about $309 USD delivered). Of course the question might then be what to do with a NVMe device when you get it which besides running your applications on it, you can find some benchmark and workload generator tools, scripts and examples here.

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