Exploring VSAN APIs Part 9 – VSAN Component count

Exploring VSAN APIs Part 9 – VSAN Component count

The last topic that I would like to explore before concluding my VSAN API blog series are some of the advanced VSAN disk statistics that are available for either troubleshooting or informational purposes. One such statistic that would be handy to know about is the number of VSAN Components per ESXi host, which I have already demonstrated in my recent VSAN configuration maximum query script and VSAN PowerCLI vCheck Plugins. These disk statistics are made available through the VSAN InternalSystem manager and using the QueryPhysicalVsanDisks() vSphere API method, we can either retrieve all or a specific set of properties for each ESXi host. I have created a sample vSphere SDK for Perl script called vsanDiskStatsQueries.pl that will…Read More

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