vRops Backup done right

“vRops Backup done right” via Michael Ryom

vRops Backup done right

Backing up vRealize Operations Manager or vRops isn’t as straight forward as one could wish for – There are some general things that need to be done right, but more important is some of the vRops specific quirks that needs to be done right in order to have a working and valid backup, which should be the biggest concern with taking backups in the first place. No one likes an inconsistent backup. Before I start with the the actual guide lines for doing vRops backup, I’ll point you to a great PDF which describes how to do backup with Symantec Veritas Netbackup. The guide covers the whole vRealize Suite, for both backup and restore which is equally as important. Nothing worse than spending hours restoring only to get an inconsistent…Read More

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