My top 15 VMworld sessions for 2016

“My top 15 VMworld sessions for 2016” via Yellow Bricks

My top 15 VMworld sessions for 2016

Every year I post a list of my top VMworld sessions. It is always challenging to go through the list, I figured I would do it straight before the Schedule Builder goes online as that gives people at least the opportunity to register them. I am going to be strict again this year, 15 sessions and in random order. These are the sessions I would sign up for myself, unfortunately as a VMware employee you can’t pre-register for sessions, but I will to try to sneak in. Note that I selected these sessions because I expect them to have deep tech info and have great speakers. There will be many awesome sessions missing I am sure, but than again that is the result of trying to stick to 15. Here we go:

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