Did you know of an additional cool vMotion…

Did you know of an additional cool vMotion capability in vSphere 6.0? (via @vGhetto)

Did you know of an additional cool vMotion…

There was an excellent blog post from Duncan a couple of weeks back going over the new vMotion capabilities in vSphere 6.0 which includes: Cross vSwitch vMotion, Cross vCenter vMotion (xVC-vMotion) and Long Distance vMotion (LD-vMotion). If you have not checked out his article, I highly recommend you give it a read before proceeding further. After reading through Duncan’s article, I noticed he had missed out on one additional vMotion capability which might not be obvious as the option is no where to be found in the vSphere Web Client UI. In fact, I was only aware of this additional capability after hearing about it from Engineering during the development of vSphere 6.

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