VMware VSAN reusing SSD disks

#VMware VSAN reusing SSD disks

VMware VSAN reusing SSD disks

Ealier this week I’ve been configuring a new VSAN cluster. The old configuration was using hardware that wasn’t complying with the VMware vSAN HCL. We ordered new raid controllers and HDD’s and reused the SSD disks, as those where compliant with the HCL. Adding and configuring the new hardware went well and ESXi was installed without a problem. After doing some network configurations on the hosts it was time to turn on VSAN. And that is where I ran into an issue. The moment I turned on VSAN (manual mode) each host created a disk group containing the SSD’s present in the host. Each disk group however was showing only absent HDD’s. Seeing as I was using SSD’s from a previous configuration I wasn’t that suprised and tried removing the disk…Read More

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