Integrating VMware NSX with VMware vRealize Log…

Integrating #VMware #NSX with #vRealize Log Insight

Integrating VMware NSX with VMware vRealize Log…

VMware vRealize Log Insight is a log analyser with capabilities to receive logs from regular syslog (so every device that can send syslog over the network) and from agents for Windows and Linux. Mostly every device can be configured to send logs to it and it can be used for quick and easy operation tasks, giving one a full picture of their environment. Inside Log Insight, you can install (or create your own) content packs. These content packs are a way to create dashboards with filtered data. The filtered data is usually determined by queries to the Log Insight search engine and is targeted to a specific product of which the data you want to see, for example: DRS actions, storage alerts, virtual machine snapshotting, etc. If it is logged…Read More

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