VMware Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over…

#VMware #Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over HTML5

VMware Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over…

With the announcement of Horizon 6.1.1 release, there are some new features added to Horizon solution. Of the few, one of them is Application Remoting which now support over HTML5 browser. I have that testing since Horizon 6.1 in a technical preview and was not able to show it. With this release, it is now official so I shall go through some of the screenshot how this was done. The setup is all similar is no complicated steps just an installation of an .exe binary on top of latest View 6.1 agent and the HTML access binary on the connection server. After which you have the freedom of choice to use a Horizon Client or a HTML5 to access your desktop as well as Applications remoting. The best part of this is there is no plugin needed for…Read More

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