VMworld Alumni Elite

VMworld Alumni Elite Program:

1.400 people attended VMworld 2004 in San Diego, the attendance numbers growth year by year. Only a few people worldwide attended ALL US based VMworlds. These guys are members of the VMworld Alumni Elite Program:

I am very proud to be part of this elite group of virtualization veterans.

Every year VMware organize a Special Event for us.


I am very proud to be the only guy who attended ALL VMworlds (US and Europe) since the beginning in 2004…..

Here are some pictures of our private events:

VMworld 2019 San Francisco

Another year, another very successful VMworld. This year again with a session. Topic=HomeLab 🙂

Here is the Youtube link to my session: https://youtu.be/B-l5q-3QY-Y


VMworld 2018 Las Vegas

What an amazing event. The Alumni Elite group is getting smaller….

VMworld 2017 Las Vegas:

Another year, another VMworld US: What a success. I still really love it

We had a special area at the Alumni lounge, our names were at the TV and we received another awesome jacket.

VMworld 2017 Barcelona:

I had special seating once again at the front row for the general sessions, met very nice people and received a special gift….


This VMworld was very unique to me. I have done thousands of speaks at several locations, but always in german. This was my first time, that I did a public talk in english. I think I did it very well…..


The link to Youtube can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I43mYaUDEvE

VMworld 2016 Las Vegas:

I received my VMworld Lifetime Free Pass from Pat Gelsinger at the General Session on monday morning. What a surprise. I am very proud of it. It is a honor….


VMworld 2015 San Francisco:


VMworld 2014 San Francisco:


VMworld Alumni Elites 2014

VMworld 2013 San Francisco:


Alumni Elite

Shaking hands with Pat Pelsinger


A special gift for us….